There are many different grades of turf for different areas. The best times to lay turf are between March – June and September – November. Laying in the height of summer is not ideal because the strength of the sun is liable to burn the newly laid turf.

On all of our turfing projects, it is essential to make sure the initial ground works are thorough. All loose rubble needs to be removed and the correct ‘tilth’ needs to be created for smooth laying. Very often new top soil is required as a thin base for the turf to be laid on.

When the turf has been laid, it is very important to water in well for the next 3-4 weeks. This will ensure that the lawn will not die and will flourish.

After the 4 week period it should be safe to walk on and will have bonded together.

When initially cutting your lawn it is important not to cut the grass too short, you will need to give the grass plenty of time to flourish.

As part of our after sales service we will give you advise on how to look after your lawn, making sure it is kept aerated and free of weeds.